Displayed Ads on Chinese WeChat Media


文章尾部展示广告 / Display Ads at the end of article on WeChat Media of

文章尾部展示广告 / Display Ads at the end of article  (displayed at 960 X 260px)


1. 提前2日提交您的广告进行审阅(以确保非政治、法律纠纷、宗教、种族歧视等内容)/Please submit your ads for content checking (to make sure it is non-politic, law case, religions and racism related content)

2. 得到回复后提交并且支付此服务(ArtistsPlanet将不做任何文字修改)/ After you received confirmation, please order and pay for the service (ArtistsPlanet won’t do any change on your article)

3. 您的文案将在24小时内发布 / Your ads will be published within 24 hours after the payment.

4. 呈现时间从发布时间日期开始计算/ Displaying time period calculate starts from the publishing time.

呈现时间/Display Time Period

7天/Display Time: 7 days

特别注意/Special Notice

此服务支付后生效,取消不予退款./ After the payment, we don’t accept any cancellation, payment non-refundable.


广告由客户自己提供,请提供Jpeg,PNG格式 。
Ads file is supplied by customer, please supply those format :Jpeg, PNG.

🎐如果您需要翻译和语言当地化服务,请另为翻译和当地化语言服务付款。If you need translation & localization service from us, please add and pay for the translation & localization service.