Customized articles in Chinese and English (per 500 words)


由Artists星球为您撰写的中英文定制文章.Customized articles in Chinese and English written by Artists Planet for you

由Artists星球为您撰写的中英文定制文章(至少 500 字)0.05ETH ,SEO设置,(超出字数请咨询新的报价)。Customized articles in Chinese and English written by Artists Planet for you (at least 500 words) 0.05 ETH, SEO settings, (please consult a new quotation if more than 500 words).


1. 提前2日提交您的资料进行内容审阅(以确保非政治、法律纠纷、宗教、种族歧视等内容)和字数核实/Please submit your documents 2 days ahead for content checking  (to make sure it is non-politic, law case, religions and racism related content) & and original words calculating.

2. 得到回复后提交并且支付此服务/ After you received confirmation, please order and pay for the service

3. 完成撰写500字的中文双文文一般章需要1日,如果超出字数范围,完成时间将会推迟,请与我们保持联系。 / It usually takes 1 day to complete a 500-word bilingual article in Chinese. If it exceeds the word limit, the completion time will be delayed, please keep in touch with us.

特别注意/Special Notice

此服务支付后生效,取消不予退款./ After the payment, we don’t accept any cancellation, payment non-refundable.


原文档由客户自己提供,请提供word格式 。
File is supplied by customer, please supply those format :word document.


In units of 500 words, the minimum standard fee will still be charged for less than 500 words. For example, if your document is 1000 words, please take 2 service orders; if your document is 1500 words, please take 3 service orders; if your document is 885 words, then you will be charged for 1000 words,please place 2 service orders.