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You’ve added your event for Free but you’d like it to stand out?

您的NFT一两天就要发布了,想不想加把火提高销售额?Your NFT drop is in two days and you want to make sure you sell out?

或者仅仅是提前高光您下个月的活动?让准备更充分?Or you simply want to shine far an upcoming event happening next month. 

或者您想推广提交的活动,让它站在耀眼的页面顶端(仅仅6个位置)Simply promote it and it’ll be on the top of the page (6 promoted event only)

如何推广活动 / How to promote

如果您还没有提交活动内容,您需要先创建您的活动  。
每个推广位置的价格 = 200USD / 天 
我们将赞助名额限制为 6 个 位置(仅限6位) 
🎉 我们有6个月的40%折扣优惠哦,不要错过:)
📢 务必提前电邮洽谈  
This is only available to events already published (Approved).
If you haven’t done it yet, You can create your event first.
Each slot is 200USD per day.
We will limit the number of Sponsored slots to 6 (yes, only 6 slots available)
🎉 We have 40% discount off offer which last 6 months, don't miss out.
📢  Please contact ahead.
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We reserve the right to refuse to display any item for any reason. Most content is created by Planet Artists, but all sponsored projects will be publicly marked at the end of the post.

Artists Planet does not accept any sponsorship which are political, religious, legal disputes, racial discrimination etc. related.






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