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我们的宗旨/Our Mission

联接创作者和收藏者 + 融合中英文世界
1️⃣我们旨在提供准确的信息,帮助收藏家在 NFT 空间中搜寻;从另一方面,我们只呈现有深度、有故事、自内而外散发“美”的艺术精品和独立艺术家。 有要求和眼光的收藏者将和有深度和有创造力的艺术家快速交汇,从而实现共赢。
Connects Creators & Collectors + Connects EN & CN World
1️⃣We aim to provide accurate and timely information to help collectors surf the NFT world; on the other hand, we only present arts that have depth, stories, and radiate "beauty" from the inside out, as well as independent creators. So, collectors with standard and vision will quickly interact with artists with depth and creativity, to achieve a win-win situation for both.
2️⃣Our artists, collector, reader covers English and Chinese world, aim to achieve borderless art and investing.

服务 / Our Services

🪐 Promotion, Rates & Orders 🪐

我们有 6 个月的启动折扣,40% 的折扣,可用在我们的网站文案、邮件推送、微信中文媒体订阅文章、及社交上推广您的项目。

We have 6 months Launching discount, 40% off,  for promoting your projects on our website, email list, WeChat Chinese media subscription, our community and socials.
We Also offer Chinese or English Translating + localizing, customizing writing service and Ads graphic design.

将您的艺术NFT创作系列置于网站特色专区,标注为特色 NFT 项目,并添到推荐日历中,附邮件推送1次(标记“特色项目” 或 “赞助”)/
Post the featured NFT items in the featured section on the website, add them to the recommended calendar, as well as 1 email push (marked as ” Featured” or “Sponsored”) .

NFT项目软文1篇置于博客区,如需要添加NFT推荐日历中,附邮件推送1次 (表明“赞助”)/ NFT blog publish 1 post , add in NFT calendar if needed, plus email push once, (indicates sponsored)

侧边栏展示广告 / Sidebar Display Ads

将您的艺术NFT创作发布在Artists Planet微信公众号1次,文尾推荐横幅7天,标注为特色 NFT 项目,添到推荐日历中,附邮件推送1次(标记“特色项目” 或 “赞助”)/
Post your featured NFT items on our Chinese simplified WeChat Media once, with featured article ending banner display 7 days, add to the calendar, as well as 1 email push (marked as ” Featured” or “Sponsored”) .

微信文章尾部展示横幅广告 / Display Ads at the end of article on WeChat Media of

置放网站横幅 / Display horizontal long banner on our website

请联系询价/Ask for quotations

🪐 Services, Rates & Orders 🪐

设计展示广告/Design Displayed Ads


Custom-designed ad images by Artists Planet (please email us for quote)

由Artists星球为您撰写的中英文定制文章.Customized articles in Chinese and English written by Artists Planet for you

翻译和当地化服务/Translation + Localization (every 500 original words)

英译中并且当地化,或者中译英并当地化。English translates to Chinese, or Chinese translates to English.

Free Services

🎉 为了在我们的网站品牌,Artists星球将在选择任何内容之前对所有项目进行核实。

Artists Planet will check on all submitted projects before selecting any content for branding matching purpose.


We'll review those aspects of a project or an Artist : originality, idea, artistry, creativity, team, planned route, timeline, quality, community, social value, etc.

Submit Your Project

提交您的艺术项目介绍 /

Submit your art project

Add your Project Launch or Web3 event to our Calendor

为您的项目添加铸造开幕日历 /

Add your project launch date and time to calendar

声明 / Statement:

※ 我们保留以任何理由拒绝展示任何项目的权利。 大多数内容由 Artists星球创建,但所有赞助项目,将会在帖子末尾公开注明。

Artists Planet 不接受任何政治、宗教、法律纠纷、种族歧视等内容的赞助。

We reserve the right to refuse to display any item for any reason. Most content is created by Planet Artists, but all sponsored projects will be publicly marked at the end of the post.

Artists Planet does not accept any sponsorship which are political, religious, legal disputes, racial discrimination etc. related.






Legal Disclaimer:

1. As you fill out the Artists register form and submit it, it means that you had accepted the personal privacy policy of this website and agree to entrust this website to present your content;
2. If your data and pictures are on our website, and you want to delete them, please email us in advance, and we will delete the data immediately;
3. The copyright of any form of artistic creation you submit belongs only to the original author, and this website does not own the copyright of the artwork of the original creator.
4. Any content is only for information introduction purpose, not investment and financial advice and inducement.


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