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25 day Crypto ​Trading Email ​Lesson

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Most successful traders among our students ​achieve a daily profit of around 1-3% without ​resorting to high-risk leveraging.

Enroll in my 25-day cryptocurrency trading email ​course, where just a 15-minute read and a daily ​quiz game will guide you through in-depth ​concepts. This will not only help you make profits ​but also ensure consistent profitability.


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You’ll learn - Introduction & Market

Many believe that making money through crypto trading is ​simple, which is partly true. While it can be profitable, it's ​challenging to consistently generate income. Through these ​lessons, I aim to assist you in setting realistic expectations, ​understanding market dynamics, and providing valuable ​golden rules.

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You’ll learn - Technical Analysis

Many people open the chart view and immediately start ​trading, which is not the right approach.

In these lessons, you will discover how to analyze the ​situation and understand the environmental factors of each ​trading scenario.

25 day Crypto Trading email Lesson


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You’ll learn - Chart Patterns

These lessons will assist you in interpreting the chart ​accurately and understanding the signals from each candle ​bar.

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You’ll learn - How to build your own ​strategy

In every trade, victory is the goal for successful trading. ​These insights will assist you in identifying your strengths ​and devising your unique trading strategy and plan.

25 day Crypto Trading email Lesson


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